ʚϊɞ Play Clothes [82]

Play Clothes [82]
Click picture to see it larger on Flickr

Shirt: Little Closet – Basic T-Shirts – Bubblegum
Overalls: just kidding: Overalls – BABY – Bleached Dots @ Trunk or Treat
Shoes: +Half-Deer+ Obel Sneakers [Little Hearts]

Glasses: ::Envious:: Mesh Kawaii Glasses WHITE
.trinket. bicycle bracelet – rose gold
.trinket. ribbon and pearl bracelet
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Carnation)
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Tiffany)
.trinket. deer silhouette ring – mixed metals rare
Noodles – Delicate Heart Ring Silver
Noodles – Royalty Crown Ring Rose Gold
Kitty: Little Closet – Cuddle Cats – Dino Hoodie – RARE
Pose: .click. Innocence 4m

Body parts
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sugar Rush Mesh Hair – Pancake
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Doll V2 – Pure (bwnbrow)
Face Tattoos: Dimples, freckles, blush and moles were all made by me. They are not for sale.
Eyes: IKON Vanity
Lashes: [LeLutka]-NATURAL lashes
Nails: ::Forever Young:: Crazy Nails – Love & Surf (imani moseley)
Mesh Avatar: **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl

Happy Shopping Kiddos!

Halloween Heist

Hey everyone! I’m doing a special blog post today about an event going on for us kids in SL. It’s called Halloween Heist. It was put together by Bit McMillan and is a grid wide scavenger hunt of sorts. I started it today, and was kind of confused at first. So I decided to make a guide for the event. To see more in depth information on the heist, the back story and other tidbits, go to Halloween Heist on Facebook for more!

I WANT TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO THE AMAZING KIDLETS DURING THE HUNT THAT HELPED ME AND OTHERS. You guys were amazing and sweet! principessaxy and lovely carver in particular. And my plurk buddy Charlotte Flatley for the help as well!

First things first go to the starting point and grab yourself a HUD for the event.
Starting point

Attach your HUD.

I’m going to start at Khadori Lee. All you have to do is click the place you want to go to on the HUD. When you do a dialog box will pop up and ask you if it can teleport you, allow it to!
When you get to the first location, and every location after that, click the monster in the corner of the HUD to get a HINT of what you’re looking for here.

My confusion from earlier was because I was in one store and it said you need a key to get into this door. I spent an hour on that sim looking for the key to the door. Not knowing or understanding I had to go to the other places to find that key. I’m not smart sometimes lol. But thanks to a really helpful plurk friend I understood that. ^-^ This is a guide that should help you not have to go back and fourth between stores!

Khadori Lee
[09:49] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): Hey, take that bucket! It could be useful later!

[09:43] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): Mmm. That almost looks like chocolate…

[09:47] Object: You have to find and wear the Bucket in order to get the Mud
Attach your bucket from Khadori Lee and click it again.

Enchanted Bewtique
[09:56] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): Who ever carved that pumpkin was really silly!

[09:57] Inventory: You Discovered the Third Magic Spell Word: ”Nails”

Petite Babe
[09:58] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): I think that ampoule might come in handy

[09:59] Inventory: You got the Ampoule
Attach the ampoule!

Dash of Dulce
[09:38] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): No! I don’t want to cut the onion! I will CRY!

[09:38] Onion 1: You have to find and wear and Ampoule in order to pick some tiers
Wear the Ampoule if you aren’t already! When you click the onion make sure you allow it to animate you.
[10:04] Inventory: You’ve collected some tiers in your in the ampoule

Winters Raven
[10:05] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): What is that written on the Green balloon?

[10:05] FartBaloon: Please wear this Balloon to complete the mission

[10:06] Inventory: You have a Fart in a Baloon
Make sure to keep wearing it too, or else it will deflate.


[09:40] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): What’s that? Oh, that’s a Green key!
Make sure you get close to the green key under the Bro Beanie Gacha machine and click it.

Dappers & Darlings – GREEN DOOR LOCATION

[10:31] Inventory: You open the Green Door!

[10:31] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): Meet the spider, shakes his hands

[10:33] Spider 2: Please wait, let me write down my name…
Wait for him to make a word under his web, once he does click on the word. That will give you the next magic word.


[10:39] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): I think we just need that Yellow key.

The door is phantom, so just walk through it!
Search the room for the broken yellow key!

[10:52] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): Uhm, that Yellow Door looks weird…

[10:56] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): How to catch a Cat in a room? Sit still and he will come to you!
Sit on the pink chair and wait for the kitty, do not stand up until it kicks you off of it.

[11:01] Inventory: You Catch the Black Cat


[10:17] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): Uh, we are looking for a key. It’s Pink!

[10:18] Inventory: You got the Pink Key

[10:13] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): Oh, I know that Pink Door!

[10:20] Inventory: You open the Pink Door!
[10:20] PinkDoor: Unlocked the Pink Lockation.

[10:22] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): This ghost grandma having problems, but maybe it happens for a reason?

[10:23] Ghost Granma’s Book: Hi HoneyPie, Somehow part of this recipe is gone, perhaps the time has erased the ink …. and without my glasses I just can not read. Can you help me figure out what recipe it is?
When the book opens you can barely see the first word of the recipe. If you zoom into it, you can make out that the word is GLAZED.

Simply say the word in local and you’ll get the first secret magic spell word.


[10:27] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): Look over there– there is a Blue key.

[10:29] Inventory: You got the Blue Key

[10:51] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): I eard someone talking about a Blue Door

Cute Bytes – BLUE LOCK LOCATION You must have the cat before coming here!
[11:02] HalloweenHeist – The MAP (HUD): The Witch can create a potion for you to Smell like a Grimmlie! Sadly, without her magical cat, she can’t speak with you at all.

[11:04] theWitch 1: Hello Abaigeal McMillan, I can make a Stinky Potion for you so you can smell as Grimmie. I just need a Fart, a Tier and Bucket of Mud
[11:04] Inventory: You got the Potion!
[11:04] Inventory: Drink it to smell as a Grimmlie!
[11:08] Inventory: You drink the Potion!
[11:08] Inventory: You can now access the Loot Location!


Click on the massive trunk, then click on the words on your HUD. Don’t stand there saying them in local, like I did for five minutes lol.
You can now click on all the little trunks to get all your prizes!

[11:21] Halloween Heist (DAPPERS & DARLINGS): No items to offer. Please come back next days. Will update when this item is available!

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