About this blog

I like to create outfits in SecondLife.  Basically like every blogger out there, I like to shop for SecondLife items.  This is really for me to show off clothes that I have and clothes that I love.  I’m going to try to have most of the links be store links, but if I feel particularly lazy, I’ll provide marketplace links.

Right now I’m exploring SecondLife as a child avatar.  And having a friggin’ blast doing it.  My posts will be mostly for the kids, because as far as I saw there aren’t a lot of kid SecondLife clothing blogs.  But again for the most part it’s just to share my love of content on SecondLife.

All photos will be taken right out of SecondLife.  There will be minimal editing done to the photo.  Minimal meaning a shadow added so it’s not flat.  Everything will be shown as it is in world.  It is my belief that if the clothes are any good they’ll shine without being tampered with.

I hope you enjoy.